Wednesday, April 09, 2008

My family came . . .

This is the final installment of my family's trip out here. They had a flight through the night so when they finally arrived in Gainesville we had a blueberry pancake breakfast.We had such a good time showing them around the town, walking around campus, playing catch phrase and sharing our lives with them for the week.

And of course we went to the swamp to show them how rediculously big it is. We watched a ton of people who are too healthy for their own good run the steps of the stadium, and all of a sudden down my mom goes to the bottom of the steps ans starts jogging up them towards us. John and i have shown plenty of visitors the swamp on numerous occassions and we have never tried running the steps. Who would have thought my mom would be the one to show us all up by doing it? So then one by one we were all curious enough about our own state of health that we all tried to run it. In jeans and flip flops we all did it. Of course my brother did it looking like a true athlete.

Once again family, thank you for getting your buns out here to see us. We treasured every moment! And look forward to seeing you out here again soon!!!

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