Saturday, May 19, 2007

Mom's Day

This Mothers Day my fam drove to Colorado Springs to enjoy an evening with Mom Teten and fam. We went to Vangaurd church, which is my favorite church in the Springs and America for that matter. The fam had never seen Glen Eyrie or Headquarters of the Navs. So we took a small tour of the castle and grounds and took a hike up to the waterfalls. What should have been a small hike turned into a challenge due to all the rushing water that no one had seen in years. So we helped my poor mom cross the river many times, and she gracefully did not get wet at all.

Eric's Mom, Geri, joined us too on the day of Moms. This is just before those with tennis shoes stopped and the Chacos went on. It was too hard to do without getting wet.

The boys: John, Eric and Brandon hiked up further to the punch bowls. They are little pools of frigid water formed in the hollows of rock. You have to run up the side of the rock to get any air into the pools. Here is my brave husband before he looses all ability to breath submerged in the icy water. Oh I wish I could have watched.

Because there was so much water the waterfall was more powerful than I have seen it. It was misty and cool just standing yards away from it. It was so much fun to see with my fam.

And here are those brave men before they hike further to the cold bowls.

Later we had BBQ with the Teten fam and played some card games before my fam had to head home. But Mom Teten made some delicious food and we enjoyed homemade ice cream before they left. Thanks for such a fun and delicious day Fam. I am so blessed to have such an incredible family and I could not have even dreamt of a better family to marry into.

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