Thursday, April 05, 2007

It is just what we do . . .

. . . we win National Championships. Or I guess I should say, it is what the amazing athletes do at the school where we love the students! John and I joined thousands of students once again at the O Dome to watch the Gators win yet again another championship. The last basketball championship game we watched in Fort Collins, knowing this is where we were headed. It is a great time to be a Florida Gator.Our friend Chase made a Noah's Ark for player JoaKim Noah. Two by two we got our pictures taken, and two by two we are taking home championship trophies.

The rowdy crowd . . . minutes away from winning!

The thing to do in Gainesville is run out onto University ( equivalent of Laurel St. in FoCo) It is shut down and overcrowded with students. Yelling, climbing trees, standing on cars you name it, we saw a kid on an office chair pushing himself down towards University.

We have ourselves a little tradition already when we win such titles. We climb our way through the crowd and get pizza at the busiest establishment in the city at that moment. And we thought . . . why are we trying this again? But it is fun, and I hope we have another chance to do it again.

Well Said!

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