Saturday, April 14, 2007

Best Easter Ever!

John and I were having a quiet Easter this past Sunday, we went to church real early and enjoyed much food. The best part was yet to come. We were surprised Easter Eve by Joe and Joy in Gainesville! We were shocked to see them come around the corner when we sat down for dinner at a local restaurant. We kind of looked at them in disbelief until we realized that they were really standing in front of us. John and I were so thankful to have them come out. We feel incredibly loved that they had been planning it out since November and went to so much effort to visit us. The weather was average so we spent so much time talking, eating and playing cards. It was the best time.
We took a brief and chilly walk near lake Alice, looking for an alligator. It was so cold they were nowhere to be found. But they look so happy even without an alligator sighting!

The Nugents were in on the secret and helped plan it out. They are so sneaky, John and I never saw it coming! Thanks so much Maschhoffs!

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