Monday, November 27, 2006

Oh Sadie!

Well tonight was a hard night in the Teten home. We had our hopes set on Sadie the Publicist from San Diego to ultimately win the bachelor Lorenzo's heart. Shockingly he chose someone else. While the other girl was sweet and lovely . . . she was no Sadie. But John and I are hopeful! We want Sadie to find the godly man she wants and deserves. (she was just blinded by Lorenzo's floppy hair-do)Go Sadie . . . we can be friends in real life if you want?


Becca Blackham said...

OH GOSH!!!! AAAHHHHH! I am reading blogs as I am watching the bach.... AAAAHHHHHHHHH I shouldn't have read yours!!!! I am SO sad! Sad that now i know who won, and sad that it wasn't SADIE! Dang the Mountain Standard Time Zone!

Dawn said...

I really thought Sadie was going to be a princess!!!! I can't imagine what made Lorenzo choose Jenn. I really liked Jenn, but I was convinced that Sadie was the girl for him! I think the only thing that I didn't like about S was that she played the virgin card right away, and talked about it all the time!!! Personally, I don't think that is something that she should have talked about with everyone, it is a personal choice for her that involves nobody but her and her true love when the time is right.