Thursday, February 02, 2012

my 9-5 . . . Or 10-10, 11, sometimes 12

My job is so simple, yet so rewarding and often very challenging. I walk side by side with college girls who are asking who God is, what Jesus did, and what it means for them.

This weekend I had the privilege of being part of two freshman girls who saw their need for Christ and committed to following God. It was beautiful to watch them tell everyone, for their Facebook status' to reflect their changed life, and to see them tear up at the reality of being adopted into God's family and know that He wants them to share this news with the world.

I then watched them return to regular old life and not be the same. They are telling their families, they are reading their new bibles, they are anxious to share their new faith with peers on campus. It's surreal, it's contagious.

I just spent an hour with them reading through the first chapters of the gospel of Mark. They asked questions, they answered mine. The smiled ear to ear as they thought of Jesus living among the lost.

They are a living example of the power of Christ when the Holy Spirit dwells in someone. They are hungry, hungrier than most, to taste and see who God is and to be in relationship with Him. I am shocked that my job means spending hours with them, teaching older girls how to do what I do, sitting at a coffee shop preparing bible study, cooking a snack for game night on a Friday night, swinging by campus on our way to church to pick up some students, praying with them for patience to wait for God's best. This is what I do with my time. And it's a delight.


The Writer Chic said...

I would have mailed todays gift with love and support and prayer regardless. However, I can't say it doesn't make me grin with joy to know that the ***tiny*** bit that my family can do to help your family ultimately grows HIS family. Thank you, Jesus, for these two new sisters!

Sherry said...