Saturday, December 31, 2011

remembering and anticipating

wanting to remember 2011 . . .

we bought our first home
I was blessed by a new group of women with shared life experiences
new deepening friendships
my best summer ever
John's life spared
we welcomed to new nieces
our southern road trip
lived with Amy
speaking at STP
speaking at our women's retreat
trip to Asheville, NC 
trip to Athens, GA
trip to Louisville, KY
joined Christian Family Chapel
our first Christmas tree
our first fireplace
joining a Crop Share Association
my big sis graduating from PA school
surviving and accomplishing two months of gluten and dairy free
finishing our wedding album (5 years later)

looking forward to 2012 if the Lord wills . . .

starting it off with my birthday
John turns 30!!
John leading our region's Summer Training Program
celebrating 6 years of marriage
anticipating God's work and goodness to us
Maschhoff's visiting us
speaking at the Alabama Women's Retreat
caring about physical activity for the first time ever
projects, sewing, crafting, painting, decorating
planting some things

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