Monday, October 10, 2011

our weekend

a few weeks ago we came up with the great idea of taking our students camping.  It was a great idea until fierce winds and spotty rain showers forced us to cancel.  We tried though.  A few of us went  out during the day and braved the winds on the beach for a whole 30 minutes before turning around.  Instead we played games at our house and built a white-trash makeshift fire in our backyard complete with cinder blocks and dead branches from our yard.

the fire got us in the mood for using our fireplace.  we put on shorts on our date night and enjoyed the fire for all of 5 minutes.  You see, Florida doesn't start selling firewood until around christmas. 

Our Jacksonville friends invited us to the Jaguars game on Sunday.  It was my first pro football experience.  The rain held off to give us pretty perfect weather and there was enough people watching for me to do when I wasn't game watching.  Oops.  You see, there was a what looked like a first date couple in front of us.  Which is more interesting, really? Unfortunately, the Jags lost, even with all of my attention and cheering.  But we are thankful for cooler weather, games, fires and friends.

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