Friday, July 01, 2011

ok, fine.  I confess.  The only thing I am cooking these days are Pioneer Woman recipes.  Its not that I am PW snob.  Its not that I go to her site to decide what to make for dinner.  Its that every time I browse, I am forced to cook something because it looks so dang tasty.  Its not really a choice.

And PW does not disappoint.  This soup is a bit spicy and I love it.  But it does call for some major simmer time that I cut in half due to lack of planning, impatience, and stomach growls.  This meal we enjoyed with some friends visiting the training program, Ben and Caryn!  Thanks friends for taking a chance with my cooking and for great conversation.

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halloweencouple said...

that looks tasty I love one pot meals, less mess to clean up and more time spent outside with summer here