Thursday, June 02, 2011


God is so creative and loves beautiful things.  I was able to witness something I have never seen before a couple of days ago.  Apparently there is a specific type of firefly species that mates for two weeks in early summer.  What is special about this species is that part of the mating process is synchronizing themselves to light up all at once, then stop, then light up all at once again.  Its like natures christmas tree.  There are only two places where you can see this happen, about 30 minutes from where we are living this summer and somewhere in China!

So we took about 12 women to see it happen.  We drove into the Smoky Mountain National Park and started walking a trail as the last bits of light were fading. We could see a few fireflies light up.  But as we laid out our blankets and waited, slowly more and more started lighting up the forest.  It was so unreal, one of the girls said she felt like she was in an enchanted forest.  I was so excited that God had created such a treat!  We spent most of our evening singing praises to our Heavenly Father and thanking Him for it all.  A few other spectators even joined us in singing a few songs.  :)


valerie said...

this sounds so neat! i just happened to come across your blog from clicking on "next blog" on the top of mine :)

Beloved said...

oh i would love to see this happen:) (i came across your blog the same way as the first lady who commented on this post) :)