Wednesday, June 09, 2010

On The Storm

title: 8 nods (the biggest drawing factor really)
artwork: not bad, 3 nods
"I want to finish this book"  no nods people.  not a great read in my opinion, John did not love it either,   and we like different types of books

I don't even care to finish the review.  I finished the book about a week ago and have had no drive to tell anyone about it.  So that should tell you something.  Sorry Freddie.

In case you are interested.  The story is about a man on his fifth marriage or something who has an estranged relationship with his brother . . . meh.

After testing the waters of a Fyodor Dostoevsky short story I am going to move into some biographies.  They might intrigue me a bit more.  Any good lives worth reading about?  I am up for suggestions.  I already have Corrie Ten Boom's biography on my nightstand waiting.


Anonymous said...

the book Here I stand by roland bainton is the most amazing and wonderful biography i have ever read. your faith will be encouraged, your knowledge expanded, and your mind will be entranced by the writing style of this man.

Passionpen said...

Um, Mel! I read The Hiding Place a couple weeks ago and its amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's the one you need to read!!!!