Monday, April 27, 2009

road rash

Unfortunately John had his first bike wreck.  He was riding home from campus after the big Orange and Blue game and his brake snapped off while he was going downhill.  Considering the traffic and sharp turn at the bottom of the hill he decided the best option would be to slide his bike down on the ground and give up some skin in the process.  His left leg was pretty torn up as well as his hands.  But other than that we are thankful the Lord kept him from worse (hitting a car, being thrown off the front of his handlebars, hitting his head or teeth . . .yuck)
in the process of me doctoring him up over the past week we have noticed our very different healing regimens.  John would prefer to leave it open and dry to scab up, and I wanted to keep that sucker wrapped.  We could not agree over his leg and we are certain we wont agree if we have kids and they skin their knees or get tricycle road rash.
so for now his bike is waiting repair of a spoke and a fixed gear brake thing that John has told me about but I don't understand.  
Oh well, we are off to the the Gulf for a couple of days and then to california to see John's sis, and husband and daughter and his brother!  


becca said...

YUCK! with a capital YUCK! I too am glad he bailed! Have a great trip to the coast buddy.

Passionpen said...

Wow. I can only praise God that nothing worse happened.

Sherry said...

Ick! Glad he is okay. Get a fish taco for me while you are in CA!