Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I am being decieved.

in the midst of the crazy life that we all of a sudden lead in florida, I really have to force myself to let truths that I am learning in bible study sink in. my mind is so fast paced . . . but in studying 1 John, I am forced to slow down.

A simple thought is invading my life. It is easy for me to think that I am sinless, or even to avoid dealing with sin that I know is very real. But 1 John says that I am "decieved" if I claim to be sinless. But even more, it states that sin can cloud my relationship with God. And since claiming the Beloved as mine and accepting freedom from the power of sin, I have neglected the continued reality of sin when it comes to the intimacy I experience with Christ. I was breathless when I realized that when I try to turn from sin, it is only so that I dont look bad, I dont want to have that on my track record. It has little to do with wanting to be closer to the Almighty. Instead of running away from sin because it means being even closer to the heartbeat of God, I run away to be more fashionable, sin doesn't look good on me. Its not my color. Sin has become unfashionable to me so I discard it, but not for the beauty of the Lord. It seems my heart needs a makeover, and the new fashion statement: dust. Can I get close enough to Jesus to be covered in His dust? All I know is that my heart longs to be near Him.

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