Saturday, August 18, 2007

back in titletown

wow, I feel silly that I have not blogged. I think when I do not have fun pics to share I make excuses for not sharing at all. but the real news is that we are home. we have been living the past three months in fort collins with my lovely sister and her gracious husband. thanks hofmanns. despite their great home and wonderful guest bed we are delighted and refreshed to be in gainesville. by refreshed I mean that our souls are alive, our bodies happen to be stinky in the swealtering heat.
we spent our last days in colorado celebrating our great friends and family members David and Pamela, the newest Teten family. we had an incredible time with them and all the people that came to support their wedded union. we love Dave and Pammie. thanks for getting married.
so here we are in gainesville, and I am wearily sitting on our couch trying to stay cool. we spent our day helping freshman move into their dorms on campus. and I had the privilege of seeing two of my favorite gator girls also, Brittney and Nikki. somehow they got even cuter and greater over the summer. I cannot wait to dive into life again with some women who make my life here so vibrant. I also cannot wait to share some stories of our adventures here in the gator nation, year II.

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Jim and Lauren said...

I enjoyed reading your blog and looking at all your fun pictures. You guys are so cute!