Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Daily Teten

This past week, one of my key girls turned the big 19! We joined her for her celebration at McCalister's. It is a tastebud haven with yummy salads,texas-sized spuds, and sandwichs, and most important they have the best sweet tea . . . or diet coke for me! Yum, thanks Brittney for letting us celebrate your day!Oh, and I just dusted this picture off as I was going through my friend's facebook picture album. This old thing . . . oh yeah that time when we won the SEC national championship, it was like it was yesterday!
Facebook is a great place to steal pictures from other people's profiles. Thanks Heather.

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Kristi said...

you are too cute! I totally forgot that you had that Emmaus Shirt, colors are great =) Hope you are doing ggggrrrrreat!