Thursday, September 14, 2006

UF Campus

The University of Florida campus is gorgeous. There is lush greenery and palm trees everywhere of course. But the buildings are beautiful and old as well. Not to mention there is a huge stadium right on campus. For those who live in Fort Collins: imagine driving down Laurel St. going west and looking to your left you see a stadium that seats 90,000 (bigger than hughes and invesco combined) instead of Parmelee. How crazy is that. And of course all of their games are sold out here. We will be lucky to get to be in "the swamp" for a home game.

This is our new bike. New for us because we bought it at Goodwill for $10

This is one of many ponds around campus. I guess at any time a gator could be hanging out in one of them. Today it rained the whole time we were on campus from 7am to 3pm.

John and I working our table at a Student Organization Fair on Wednesday. We were giving away $50 to Moe's (a very popular burrito place) It was enough to get plenty of students to fill out our survey and we had the chance to meet a bunch of great students.


Whitney said...

Moe's has such good burrito's but I don't like how they scream at you when you walk in..."Welcome to Moe's!" You and your hubs look like ya'll are settling in just fine!

Uncle Darin said...

Missa J,

Just wanting to say Hi. We miss you two badly and want to know that all is well in Florida. Send us a note once in a while.

We love you and miss you,


Kristi said...

Looks like you guys are doing great! I tried calling you the other day, do you still have the same phone number?